Team Navy Outplacement Crew Race Into Prodrive Racing Australia

Team Navy PRA Outplacement Crew 2016

Three technical sailors arrived at the workshop of V8 Supercars Team, Prodrive Racing Australia, this week for the fifth rotation of the highly successful Navy Industry Outplacement Program.

The newest members of the Royal Australian Navy Pro Drive Racing Outplacement Program (pictured above); Able Seaman Avionics Technician Aircraft Aaron Armbruster, Leading Seaman Marine Technician Dale Tiyce-Nelson and Able Seaman Electronics Technician Kyle Best will experience 12 months in the high pressure environment of International V8 Supercars racing. Prodrive Racing Australia places Navy technicians within the team for 12 months, with the objective of recognising and developing technical skills.

Mr Peter Trevaskis, Marketing Director of Prodrive Racing Australia, said the team was fortunate enough to win two championships last year, and the Navy sailors played a vital role in that success.

Leading Seaman Marine Technician Dale Tiyce-Nelson said he was very nervous, but was looking forward to all the challenges that lay ahead on this year of adventure with Prodrive Racing Australia.

The program provides an opportunity for Able Seaman Armbruster to work on composite materials for the V8 Supercars, “I’m really stoked with this exciting opportunity and can’t wait to get cracking,” he said.


Pro Drive Racing Team Manager, Chris O’Toole presents the outgoing Royal Australian Navy Pro Drive Outplacement Program members; Able Seaman Aviation Technician Aircraft Samuel Devers (left); Leading Seaman Marine Technician Sarah Battenally (right); and Leading Seaman Marine Technician Kat Greenwood with their departing gifts from the team for their outstanding contribution to the team throughout 2015 at the Pro Drive Racing Australia Displ Centre, Campbellfield, Victoria.

Outgoing 2015 Outplacement crew, Leading Seamen Marine Technicians Kate Greenwood and Sarah Battenally and Able Seaman Aviation Technician Aircraft Sam Dever will shortly be returning to the fleet with some exciting stories and plenty of new skills.

Leading Seaman Battenally said it was hard to explain the scope of her experiences over the past 12 months.“I’ve had a fantastic time, made amazing friends, and taken away a huge amount of skills from a trade and technical point of view,” she said. “I’m sad to leave, but really looking forward to getting back to the fleet.”

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