Friers Offshore Racing is a Mackay based, family run team, that has brothers Chris and Brendan Frier flying across the water in their  massive 1050hp Maritimo Supercat. Reaching speeds of over 200kph these sporting champions exemplify true courage under pressure, as they continue to compete in the Australian Offshore Superboat Championships.

In 2009 the brothers began proving their worth, by taking out the “Rookies of the Year” title and by 2010 they achieved 2nd place in the Supercat 1000HP class. Their hard work, dedication and comittment saw them become the 2011 – Australian Champions in the Supercat 1000HP class, bolstering their sporting champion status, and in 2012 the brothers earned the  AUS 1 Champions & Australian Champions Supercat 1000HP class titles.

After a valiant 4th place in the Supercat 1000HP class in 2013, Friers Offshore Racing joined Team Navy in a branding deal with the Royal Australian Navy and went on to become the 2014 – Supercat Extreme Champions.

“Having a reputable organisation like the Royal Australian Navy ask you to carry their name and logo on your boat was the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. As a Team, we felt humbled by the opportunity to join “Team Navy” and as a result, we have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful men and women who serve in the “RAN”. Friers Offshore Racing


Chris Frier- Pilot

Lives: Mackay
Occupation: Project Manager, WHF Group
Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
Nickname: Frypan
Interests: Motocross, Fishing
Ideal Car: Ferrari
Fav Sport: NRL & V8 Supercars


Brendan Frier – Throttleman

Lives: Mackay
Occupation: Project Manager, Cavalier Homes
Height: 182cm
Weight: 75kg
Nickname: BJ
Interests: Fishing
Ideal Car: Lamborghini
Fav Sport: NRL & V8 Supercars

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